Sympathetic Gestapo

Dressing for work was an arduous task, but she took great pleasure in reviewing the results in the mirror. Her bound, flattened breasts beneath her shirt and heavy winter coat made her seem muscular. A strong example of Aryan manhood. She stuffed her boots and trousers alike, to further mask her dainty, hated femininity. With her head shorn, her once round face transformed, and became hard, resolute. A gummed-on blond mustache completed the picture.

She turned back and forth, checking the lines of her uniform for any hint of softness, or frail womanhood. A gestapo glowered back at her, strong in his buff colors, the swastika bold on his sleeve and glinting in brass at his collar.

Satisfied, she strapped on her pistols and headed out to the office, ready to serve her country and her Führer better than any mere woman ever could.