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Art & Lit Dump #2 (published 1/19/17)

Darkness and Light (published 12/25/16)

Master of None Reviewed (published 11/19/16)

Find Other Writers (published 11/8/16)

Don’t Publish Your First Draft! Go Set a Watchman Reviewed (published 5/25/16)

Why So Serious? Captain America: Civil War Reviewed (published 5/16/16)

Submission Advice from a Failure (published 4/17/16)

Potter (No) More (published 3/11/16)

Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All, Is a Drag (a Review) (published 3/6/16)

Is it Sexist to Hit Her? Deadpool Reviewed (published 2/27/16)

Give Me A Noun (Art Dump) (published 2/3/16)

When Our Icons Betray Us (published 1/14/16)

Long Live the Goblin King! (published 1/11/16)

Sick Time Equals Media Consumption! (a bunch of random reviews) (published 1/8/16)

Star Wars Awakens: A Film Review (published 12/27/15)

Screw You, Ken Kesey (published 12/13/15)

Illustration is Hard! (published 11/21/15)

Quentin Coldwater’s a Whiner: The Magicians Trilogy Reviewed (published 11/12/15)

The Love Triangle Kingdoms: The Inheritance Trilogy Reviewed (published 10/28/15)

A Home for Heroes to Leave From (published 10/24/15)

A Tour of Drakehall (published 10/15/15)

Dreaming and Awakening (Two Reviews, Plus Philosophical Meanderings!) (published 8/9/15)

On Writing What You Know (published 7/20/15)

You’re Not Yuccie, You’re an Artist (published 6/10/15)

How to Build Your Bestiary (published 6/4/15)

GRRM is Not a Feminist (published 5/20/15)

Fury Road, Genisys, and Men’s Rights (published 5/14/15)

Feminism in the Age of Ultron (published 5/11/15)

Fickle Fame (published 4/27/15)

Shakespeare and That Sad Puppies Thing (published 4/20/15)

Time Traveling Through Fiction (published 4/19/15)

I Like Big Books (published 4/18/15)

Jupiter Ascending Reviewed: Actually, I Liked It (published 3/26/15)

The Magus Reviewed: John Fowles Doesn’t Care About Black People (or anyone else) (published 3/22/14)

A few words for Sir Terry Pratchett (published 3/14/15)

Killing Your Darlings (like actually killing them) (published 2/28/15)

Diversity Now! (published 2/21/15)

How to Write Time (published 1/31/15)

The Hobbit: The Ruination of a Good Franchise (published 12/20/14)

Mockingjay’s Flaw (The Limitations of Perspective) (published 12/12/14)

On Religion in Fiction (published 11/26/14)

Limited Vocabulary (published 11/16/14)

Westeros Doesn’t Work (published 11/9/14)

Taking Critique/Giving Critique (published 10/26/14)

Words Per Day (published 10/20/14)

Hello World! (published 10/12/14)


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