Give Me a Noun (Art Dump)

We had a small flood in our apartment, so until we get our furniture back in order (why is that always so much harder than moving it out of the way in the first place?) I don’t have a desk to make more “finished” artworks at. So here’s some random stuff I’ve been drawing.

Two of these resulted from my new trick; asking my husband for a random noun to draw when I have no ideas. He asked for a guillotine and a gas mask, so I drew a dragon/daemon/horrible-monster-thing and an insect. Because that’s how I roll.


I came up with the throne/tree in the same spirit of “let’s draw two things at once.” I don’t know why I like to merge two objects into one. I did a whole semester of “people/trees” AKA “dryads” in art school, some of which you can see here.

Aaaaaand the fabulous, mammiferous lady is Wendy the Woods Witch, a being of infamous cleavage described as a joke by a friend while playing D&D. So I just had to draw her.

If you like, you too can give me a noun in the comments. I promise to draw something entertaining. (And if you’d like to cross my palm with silver, I’ll put extra work and care into it and bequeath you with the results.)


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