Fickle Fame

Wow.  Just wow.  The Drakehall Broadsheet got three month’s worth of traffic in 48 hours thanks to Mike Glyer at File707 quoting my last post, Shakespeare and That Sad Puppies Thing.  It’s my most successful post so far.

That’s wonderful!  And frustrating.

It’s frustrating because it’s so damn random.  It reminds me that I’m throwing out content while effectively blindfolded.  There are targets out there to hit, but I don’t know where they are and they keep moving.  And just because I hit one target doesn’t mean I’m ever going to hit another.  There are a ton of blogs out there on writing, on reading, and on speculative fiction.  The world is full of content creators, and I’m in competition with all of them for those few wandering targets, for your eyes and brains and time.

I’m just guessing every time I write a blog post or a page for my novel.  I’m just guessing every time I draw or paint.  Are The Readers going to like it?  No one knows, you just can’t predict this stuff.

It’s easy to let that get under your skin.  The uncertainty can cut deep.  Don’t let it.  Keep your focus on the next step, the next project.  And just keep at it.  Eventually you’ll throw something out there, and it will land.  You’ll find success in some measure, be it a hundred new visitors to your blog or a Rowlingesque media empire.

Best of luck in your creative endeavors!

Now time to work on the next post…


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